One of the most beautiful bars in Berne

Our wooden bar was originally part of a grand library. Our choice of drinks and spirits does not leave any desires unfulfilled. Beside a wide range of carefully selected teas and coffees we would like – above all – to celebrate the art and enjoyment of the cocktail. We professionally mix traditional and modern drinks before your very eyes. Our managing director is always pleased to mix one of his creations for you or to improvise and create your own special drink just for you on the spot. Who knows? Your drink might one day appear in the bars of the world’s metropolises as a big seller.

As of summer 2013 we offer Live-Mix-Courses at our bar. You will learn how to conjure up many great and delicious drinks with no more than six bottles of spirits; and you will be set to do this at home too. Are you interested? Come and see us and get further information from the staff behind our bar, which many customers have agreed is one of the most beautiful ones in the country.